Code of Conduct

Derby Day should be seen as a festival of sporting achievement, excellence and institutional pride. Whilst there is a friendly rivalry between two great universities, and it will be a competitive event, it is expected that everyone involved upholds respect for players from both teams, their supporters, and match officials at all times. Appreciation and applause for effort and good play is expected. All spectators are representatives of their club, Students’ Union and University and should behave in a manner befitting this before, during and after the events.

There were elements of behaviour seen at previous Derby Day events, mainly by spectators, which will NOT be tolerated again by either Students’ Union or University. It is a privilege for teams and spectators to play in and attend Derby Day and the events should be treated as such. Derby Day entails a significant cost and administrative effort for both institutions, which needs to be borne in mind by those playing and attending.

For players, Derby Day should be treated in the same way as a BUCS fixture with appropriate playing kit to be worn and face paint is not permitted. Everyone playing or spectating should be reminded that the rest of the campus will still be in normal operation and the sporting facilities still open to the public, so must be respected in terms of appropriate behaviour. Every student present from both institutions must have their campus card accessible at all times (except whilst playing in a fixture) and every alumni present must have their alumni card.

Both institutions operate equal opportunities and safe space policies – this means that every student holds the right to take part in Derby Day and feel free from risk of discrimination and prejudice. Everybody has the responsibility to create an environment that is accessible to all; sexist, racist, transphobic, disablist or homophobic behaviours will not be tolerated.

Both institutions also operate a zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy; behaviours such as unwelcome sexual comments, sexual gestures, wolf whistling, unwanted touching or grabbing someone else’s clothes will not be tolerated.

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